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I can’t even grow a fake tree!

[1]By Evergreen,

All of my household plants have died. My friends only buy me plants that are resilient and need little care. I accidentally killed those plants as well. So this week I decided to try those paper Magic Trees. What could go wrong? All you have to do is add the enclosed solution to the paper tree and it begins blossoming in two hours.

First of all, something happened to my plant solution. Somewhere under my care part of the solution gelled up and was unusable, leaving me with less solution to use. During the first hour of blooms, I couldn’t resist showing my new joy to my neighbor office workers . While boasting I accidently dropped it on the floor. Most of the flowers burst out upon the floor. The tree was supposed to be a thing of pride, joy and beauty. Now it is a towering symbol of my blunderings.