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Comedy Moment: Bad Christmas Decorations


By Sharon Lacey, Portland comedian

I travel all across the country doing stand up comedy. Now that the holidays are over, I have a moment to reflect on all of the creative ways people decorated their yards this Christmas.  In Tucson, tall cacti wore red Santa hats. In Pendleton, little twinkling lights adorned the tumbleweed.  But somebody crossed the line into “tacky” when they lined up life-sized blow-up dolls, put wings, halos, and white robes on them, and called them “Caroling Angels”.  My neighbors suggested I never do that again…..

Portlander Sharon Lacey performs stand-up comedy all across the U.S. and Canada. She’ll be entertaining our troops in Iraq in January. Clips & contact info:  sharonlaceycomedy.com [2] or  myspace.com/sharonlacey [3]