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Tips for Better Homework and Better Grades

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[5]By Jean Tracy, NW Author
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When you discipline with yells, arguments, and threats, you set up the routine for more yells, arguments, and threats. Your family life becomes like a mud pie. The bigger portion is discipline that repeats itself. The left over sliver is tastier like fun activities. Why not make fun activities the largest portion and discipline the sliver? You can do that with logical consequences.

We also discussed 3 problems with children and homework. Kevin watched TV and ate chips. He hadn’t started his homework. Emma handed in homework with scribbles and smudges. Robert “forgot” his homework. How will their grades improve?

As a parent, you have discipline choices. Consider the solutions below:

1.Kevin’s homework problem is difficult because you can’t be home right after school. Because you can’t supervise his homework before you come home, I suggest you wait until you’ve been home for awhile. Grab a cup of tea. Tell Kevin to turn off the TV. If you need to, stand there with a serious face. Say nothing until he does.

Then get into the routine of sharing snacks with him while you relax and tell each other how your day went.

Next, give Kevin some choices. Choices promote power. Ask Kevin, “Do you want to do your homework before dinner or after you wash the dishes?” Only give 2 choices. Whatever he chooses becomes part of his daily routine. His grades will improve too.

2.Emma’s solution is easier. She has to redo her homework until it’s 80% better than before. Tell Emma, first homework then play. You’ll need to be consistent. Don’t give into begging. Stay kind and firm.

Of course, just like Kevin, give her special relaxing time with you. Enjoy a snack while sharing your days. Then you can ask her, “Do you want to do your homework before dinner or after your chores?”

Tell Emma, “If you do your homework carefully, you won’t have to redo it. Show me how good your homework can look.” Her grades will look better too.

3.Robert didn’t forget his homework. He chose not to bring it home. “If I don’t bring it home,” he thinks, “I won’t have to do it.” What can you do?

Set up a schedule with both the time and a quiet place to study. This stops Robert from watching TV while studying. It gives him a routine too.

If Robert leaves his assignments at school, ask his teacher to give you extra homework for him to do at home. The only way for Robert to get out of your homework is to do his teacher’s assignments at home. No more “forgetting.”

This should help Robert to remember his assignments. When he completes them, he won’t get in trouble at school or home. His grades will get better. It’s a win-win for Robert.

One more thing, many teachers are internet savvy. They post the assignments on the internet. With Robert, go to the internet to view his homework.

Conclusion When Kids Won’t Do Homework:

Don’t let discipline become a large mud pie. Avoid arguing, yelling, and begging. Cut it down to a sliver by being logical, kind, and firm. Spend the rest of the time enjoying your child and his better grades.

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