Study shows dogs know when we lie to them

By Evergreen,

Have you ever tried to trick your dog into doing something only to discover that your pooch has somehow figured out your scheme? You can get your dog to run into a room a thousand times, but if you happen to have the kennel waiting on the other side, that becomes the one time when he stops and stares because he knows you are upt o something. Well, a new study shows that dogs have a keen sense of when we are trying to fool them. This sense is more advanced in dogs than other animals.

USA Today reports, “Fido always seems to know which hand hides the treat, even without sniffing, and researchers and pet owners alike have long wondered whether pooches imagine what we are thinking or whether they simply read body language. A dog may be your best workout buddy. “Dogs evolved with humans, and a number of studies have suggested they are particularly sensitive to human cues,” says psychologist William Roberts of Canada’s Dalhousie University. Sentimental pet owners might even say their dogs know what they are thinking.” Continue reading

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