Who are your Favorite Designers?

By Cathy Rae Smith
founder of Culture Magazine

Now we all have our favorite looks, whether we can call out a celebrity that has brought a look to the media forefront or we follow certain designers. I felt it might be entertaining to engage in a chat about who our favorites are and why. Personally, I feel that the designs of French fashion couturier Christian Lacroix is just the kind of edgy designer that stimulates the creative senses. My lifestyle is not jet-set enough to have anywhere to actually wear one of his masterpieces of over-the-top couture, nor do I trust that they would enable the average wearer to actually breathe. However, when an abundance of whatever he is going after, be it lace or ruffles, flowers or flounce, or use of a color or fabric not before seen, he creatively throws open the door to new looks adopted by other designers. He is an artist whose palette is the human form. To catch a look at his Spring 2009 collection, you may check it out on at the following video:

The classic looks, however, of someone like designer Coco Chanel with her little black dress, multiple pearl strands, and comfortable fit and fabric choice is something to which I can personally subscribe. However, I also love the feel of well-fit jeans, (read: not those ghastly “mom” jeans with the elasticized waist that makes anyone look thicker), and a crisp white t-shirt. Having grown up on the beaches of Southern California, this was a familiar style, which was made widely known via ads by the Gap.

Do tell, what are your favorite designers, preferred looks, memorable celebrity styles – and why? It is through the cross fire of ideas shared that new ideas, even a subtle detail, can come to the forefront of our attention. So let’s dish some fashion, shall we?

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