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Coyote surprises girls in their backyard in Lake Oswego

[1]News Note,

A nightmare close-call in the subrubs.  Two 10-year old girls in their own backyard were startled to see a coyote come upon them.  The coyote followed after the running girls.  One climbed a tree where the coyote followed and could be seen sniffing at the girl.  Seems right out of a Disney movie.

One of the girls Juliana Sahni told the Lake Oswego Review [2] newspaper, “I’m used to seeing coyotes, But a couple of them have lost their fear of humans and might be looking at children as prey. This is the first time coyotes have approached people. This coyote clearly approached the girls.”

Oregonians and are used to animal attacks.  Just this week a cougar attacked a horse [3] in La Pine.  But that is rural Oregon, Lake Oswego is the suburbs.  It just goes to show that we can move into nature, but nature moves on its own.  Furthermore, this may be a good time to chat with your kids about what to do in such situations.

Speaking of lessons, what is one supposed to do in such situations.