Make St. Patrick’s day fun with Pots O’ Gold & Rainbows

by Brittanie Gordon
Oregon Blogger
Cupakes, Kisses-n-Crumbs

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away and we have a busy week, so I am prepping what I can now!

One thing that is new this year is Ramsey’s obsession with Elf on a Shelf.. so much that when I put a little leprechaun out he asked if he was watching him to make sure he was good.. Like I am going to turn down an opportunity like that!  So we said yes of course!  The last few years we have had the kids decorate a baby food jar and leave it out for the leprechauns with a card. This year we are doing it a little different. We told them the leprechauns only come to visit if you have been very good!

I picked up a container of pots like these

and I have some gold chocolate coins to put in them, we hide them in the front yard and sprinkle a trail of St.Patrick’s Day confetti to kind of lead them the right way! As soon as they turned the calendar to March in school he has been asking when the leprechauns are coming. Love that he remembers and enjoys it!

And I made a small batch of the potato candies I shared HERE, just to try them out.

What I did different was only use about 1/2C (for the half batch) of toasted coconut and I used 1 1/4C of chopped walnuts and added 1/3C powdered sure more than the original recipe. They are pretty cute! Sending some for the teachers this week! This is the ones from last week, cute right?!

And I picked up all our fruit for the rainbow the kids LOVE! This year instead of just yogurt I will give them some of the cute cloud marshmallows too! I don’t have a picture from last year (thank you strep throat medications) But pretty similar to this, minus marshmallows, yogurt instead!

And if I remember a grocery store stop for some white carnations to turn green over night, we haven’t tried this yet but I think our kids would love it!

And we made these rainbow cupcakes from Family Fun last year.. but I think the potato candies are plenty of sugar!

And if we get up early enough I might make these for breakfast!

Hope you all have a good St. Patrick’s Day!  Have anything special planned?

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