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Schedule for Spring Cleaning brings order & beauty

[1]Cleaning Your Sanctuary – Tackle & Simplify
by Shannon Ables
Simply Luxurious Life [2]

Spring cleaning feels amazing when it is complete, but the initially getting started isn’t always as exciting.  As a way to minimize how much I have to take on when this momentous event arrives each March and April, I am a big believer in cleaning my house every week without fail.

However, as we know, there are a handful of things that must be cleaned, but thankfully only a few times a year. Martha Stewart breaks it all down in great detail in her Housekeeping Handbook [3], but you can also print off the specific list you want here [4] on her blog.

With that said, while I’m meticulous, I also don’t have a house cleaner, so below is the list that works for me.


*Make the bed

*Pick up after yourself

*File incoming mail

*Clean as you cook (thank-you-for-coming bowl – a la Rachael Ray!)



*Launder sheets, towels, bath mats – anything used regularly

*Clean the bathrooms – everything

*Dust – tables, televisions, lamps, etc

*Clean mirrors

*Vacuum and mop floors, vacuum upholstered furniture

*Empty all trash and wipe canister

*recycle old magazines, newsletters, etc

*Go through fridge – take stock and toss if necessary

*Clean all counters, microwave, toaster, sinks, vents, and ovens in kitchen

*Clean hand prints, pet prints from windows and doors

*Add fresh flowers to dining room, coffee tables, bed stands, etc



*clean all windows — inside & out

*flip mattress

*clean pantry

*clean refrigerator

*clean oven thoroughly

*launder pillows

*wipe baseboards and moldings



*clean the fireplace

I would love to hear how your approach cleaning your home, what works for you, what tips you’d suggest, etc.  I’m all ears!



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