Author helps you discover: what’s your favorite color and why?

What Color(s) Can You NOT Live Without?
by Debra Wade, IACC, MWESB
Creative Interiors

As an interior designer and color consultant with more than 20 years experience, I’m passionate about color and it’s varied interpretations. Color affects us holistically, no matter were we experience it: in a painting, on furnishings, in lighting, both indoors and out. It has personality, character, and multi-dimensionality.

Growing up we often ask each other: “What’s your favorite color?” But rarely do we ask, “Why did you make that choice?” These questions are answered in my up-coming book.  The Integral Color Plan for Interior Design (ICP) illuminates not only how we respond to color but the powerful connection between our color choices and quality of life. The ICP introduces a comprehensive design method that integrates physics, color psychology, and interior design.

Color preference is as unique as our fingerprints. ICP readers find compelling analyses as well as practical interior design guidance on how to apply color in their home and work environments. The results offer a refreshing antidote to today’s realities and guidance in creating a home that nurtures and inspires.

Home is one of the most important archetypes of our humanity. The ICP lets you enter into an exhilarating process of strategic color planning that unveils your unique color imprint as you respond to questionnaires designed specifically for this process. Readers answer ICP questionnaires by choosing from a deck of 94 color cards with a full spectrum palette of hues, tints, and shades, neutrals, and metals. From these color selections, the readers arrange them into a color chart, placed into a mandala that will illuminate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “color houses.” This chart will simplify decisions by giving you access to personally resonant colors that nurture and convey what is most authentic and expressive about you.

You can receive the benefits of the Integral Color Plan with a personal color and interior design consultation in your home or workplace. Creative Interiors services Portland, Eugene and other areas.  Visit us at

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