Don’t let Oregon soak our kids in the name of sports

Don’t let Oregon soak our kids
By Evergreen
Oregon writer

This month I went to an elementary school soccer game and I was surprised that the parents let their kids get drenched in a downpour. The photo shows the sidelines full of parents donning umbrellas (the unofficial spring flower of Oregonians). The rules are that a game is never cancelled due to bad weather. What? This is Oregon after all. I asked to the parents, “Do you really mean never?” Their reply was that this was the golden rule and they have never seen a game canceled despite horrible weather.

To make the whole rule more absurd, was the fact that once the downpour began, most of the kids did not have rain jackets. Some had a thin cloth jacket which only absorbs water like a sponge. Of all the things that schools do to shield kids from danger, I can’t believe that letting them play in the rain did not make the list. We have schools that ban chocolate milk and other forbid playing dodge ball.

These soccer games do not even keep score. So there is no point in letting them endure the elements. I do not mean to be a squishy adult, but it just strikes me as common sense to draw the line at hard rain for calling it quits on outdoor elementary kid’s sports. Don’t you agree.

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