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I dare the eyewear companies to do this

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[5]I dare the eyewear companies to do this
By Evergreen,
Oregon Writer

This summer The Today show featured more makeovers where the stereotypical less beautiful girl wears glasses and then as a part of her beauty transformation her glasses get discarded. It is no different than the many Hollywood movies showing the high school nerd girl with glasses who ditches them for contacts once she becomes prom queen. So my dare to the eyewear makers is to start doing your own beauty makeovers but in reverse when it comes to glasses. Show how going from contacts to glasses can add beauty and adds more fashion choices. You could also do a before and after where the only difference is adding glasses to see that they can add style and looks. Not everyone can wear or afford contacts. So it is long overdue to show them some support with some beautiful eyewear photos. Do you not agree?