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How to Wear Metallics!

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How to Wear Metallics!
by Lani Grass
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Every season, there are new offerings in fashion that are eye-catching, yet let’s face it, not wearable for most of us. But if you weren’t interested in style, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now! You’ve been seeing metallics creeping in for a while now, but this season, they are getting even brighter and more daring.

The question is how do you wear enough of it to look cool, but not crazy? By just using the trend in small doses.


Here’s how:



The final touch you must do to pull off this look is to polish your nails. Paint them at least a sheer color with a shiny top coat! Skip this step and the outfit can look overdone.

Remember, the secret to looking like you know what you’re doing is wearing classic styles and venturing out with seasonal fabrics and accessorizing with the new trends.

The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

~ Lani