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Oregon Women. A Report on Their Education, Employment and Economic Status.

May 16, 2008 --

New Report: Oregon Women. A Report on Their Education, Employment and Economic Status.

he greatest percentage of increase for women participating in the labor force in Oregon was among those between the ages of 25 and 44. The percentage of women with some postsecondary education has more than doubled in two generations. Women now represent 47 percent of full-time postsecondary students in Oregon. Fifty-seven percent of the state’s female adults are married, 20 percent have never married, 11 percent are widowed, and 12 percent are divorced or separated.

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Best Laid Plans. A lesson in parenting

May 10, 2008 --

Best Plan Yet!
By Gienie Assink, Eugene

I’ve never been really good at writing down what my kids did at a certain age. Sometimes I’ll look at Elijah and wonder what Timothy was doing at his age. Elijah is now 3 years old, walks on his own (of course, I have video for posterity) and says a few words occasionally. We’re so proud! At 3 years of age however, my oldest son Timothy could say much more, or at least what he said was normal and never caused alarm. So, I asked their doctor, who insisted this was totally normal. “Second children usually don’t talk much because the oldest speaks for them”. What he meant to say was “He’s the second child, which, we all know means you plop him in front of a television and ignore any developmental needs he might have”. (Rolling eyes here.)

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The women the world left behind

May 5, 2008 --

BY Guest Opinion

Many surprises awaited me on my return to my old Tigard apartment neighborhood after living in my house for a year. I was taken aback at how much tragedy had struck so many of my old neighbors. The stories of the following three women left me pondering the inherent truisms of the world we live in.

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