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Oregon Report Media LLC is a private Limited Liability Corporation established in 2007 in the State of Oregon to provide local authors, writers, non-profits, associations, governmental bodies and other organizations a place online to highlight their articles, press releases, opinions and newsletter material. By pooling news together, many authors and organizations find they are able to reach a wider audience for the target market they are trying to inform (business, agriculture, religion, books, etc..). The articles, press releases and opinions featured on Oregon Report LLC are all guest submissions and/or are publicly distributable material for which the origin and responsibility of the article is by the author and contributing organization.  Oregon Report LLC leads every article with the author/source so the public knows who is speaking and where to get more information.  

Oregon Report LLC does not issue Editorial statements.  The opinions featured on Oregon Report LLC are based solely on the authors and organizations who produced the article and not Oregon Report LLC. Oregon Report LLC features diverse and dissenting viewpoints in hopes of fostering positive public discussion on topics.

Oregon Report is an all-volunteer organization.  Volunteers help sort and select the best and most newsworthy articles to publish.

Oregon Report is funded through advertising revenue. For advertising inquires please email us at the email below with subject headline “Advertising Inquiry”.



Manager: Jason Williams
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 503-644-1300
Address: 6425 SW King Blvd. Beaverton, OR, 97008