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Cyber Bullying Affects One in 10 Students

June 30, 2009 --

As our kids gets more connected with the internet, texting and iPhones, Oregon parents should be aware of the hidden dangers our kids will be facing.

MONDAY, June 29 (HealthDay News) — Bullying still makes life miserable for plenty of students, only these days some aggressors apparently operate electronically.  A new study shows that many children in grades 6 through 10 have either bullied classmates or been bullied by them, sometimes online or through cell phones.  The study by the National Institutes of Health, released online June 29 in the Journal of Adolescent Medicine, analyzed data from the World Health Organization’s 2005/2006 survey of human behavior in school-aged children. According to the study, 20.8 percent of respondents reported being perpetrators or victims of physical bullying in the past two months; 53.6 percent were victims of verbal bullying; 51.4 percent were victims of relational bullying, which involves social exclusion, and 13.6 percent of cyber bullying on a computer, cell phone or other electronic device.

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Tech support begins with you…yes you!

June 29, 2009 --

By Lori Brownell,
GM of Product Quality & Support for Microsoft

We all have that person we call with our computer questions.  It might be a friend who works in IT or a nephew who knew the difference between a right click and a left click before he could ride a bike.  We come to rely on these trusted advisors, as they’ve done their fair share of saving us from countless digital disasters. But what about when that friend is busy with her real job, or your nephew goes off to college?  Who can you call on then?

Guess what?  It’s likely you do not need to call on anyone but yourself.  Software support isn’t what it used to be and is actually becoming more automated, intuitive and preventative than ever before.  For example, did you know that …

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Easting disorder may have added to Jackson’s death


By Evergreen,

An estimated 8 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder.  Ian Halperin, author of Michael Jackson the Final Years, wrote about Michale Jackson’s eating disorder.

“Meanwhile, everybody around him noticed that Jackson had lost an astonishing amount of weight in recent months. His medical team even believed he was anorexic. ‘He goes days at a time hardly eating a thing and at one point his doctor was asking people if he had been throwing up after meals,’ one staff member told me in May. ‘He suspected bulimia but when we said he hardly eats any meals, the doc thought it was probably anorexia. He seemed alarmed and at one point said, ‘People die from that all the time. You’ve got to get him to eat.’’Indeed, one known consequence of anorexia is cardiac arrest. ”

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Weekly Photo: More honest road signs

40% have dated a co-worker

June 27, 2009 --

According to “Four-in-ten (40 percent) workers reveal they have dated a co-worker at some time during their careers, with 18 percent admitting to doing it twice or more, according to’s annual office romance survey of more than 8,000 workers. More than three-in-ten (31 percent) said they went on to marry the person they dated at work.  Office courtships may be stemming from current workplace crushes. Ten percent of workers currently work with someone who they would like to date, with more men (14 percent) than women (5 percent) reporting they would like to do so.  Workers aren’t just interested in dating their peers. Among workers who dated a co-worker in the last year, thirty-four percent admit they have dated someone with a higher position in their company.”

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70% of women experienced a sexual health issue

June 26, 2009 --

HealthDay News– A new survey finds that 70 percent of American women have experienced a sexual health issue, and 22 percent felt very or extremely concerned about it. The survey defined a sexual health issue as any one of the following conditions: lack of desire for sexual activity, inability to become sexually aroused, inability to have an orgasm, pain during intercourse, vaginal dryness, or excessive desire for sexual activity.

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What to do when kids break things


By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

How do you discipline your kids when they break things? First, decide whether it’s a rare accident or a pattern that stems from disobedience rooted in impulsiveness or not caring. If it’s a rare accident, the consequences you deliver may be simple and straightforward, “Get the broom and clean up the mess.” If it’s a disobedience pattern, then you need to be on the lookout for blaming (“The teapot was too close to the edge of the table.”) or not caring (“What’s the big deal? That’s an ugly old teapot.”)

How will you discipline?

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Dancing down memory lane, a Father’s Day frozen in time

June 25, 2009 --

by Kay Helbling

The beautiful Pittock Mansion seems an appropriate place to celebrate the last 150 years of Oregon architecture. As a part of the state’s sesquicentennial celebration, they are exhibiting some of Oregon’s familiar structures–as well as those not-so-well-known. More than 30 works were juried for their beauty, utility, or ingenuity and hang in the Mansion’s 23 rooms.

The Pittock Mansion in its own right is an architecural marvel. As a piece of Oregon history it’s a favorite stop for many tourists who visit Portland. The beauty of the structure is enhanced by the grounds and the panoramic view of the city. On a clear summer day, six mountain peaks can be seen, including the majestic Mt. Hood.

It was on just such a day that I took a tour of the mansion with my father. After walking through her rooms, we stepped out onto the wide porch that surrounds the structure. We began talking about all the wonderful parties they must have had at this amazing home. At that moment, we took a step back into history. My dad took me in his arms and we danced a slow waltz, following the porch around the structure then down the steps and across the lawn.

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Buying shoes at vending machines to hit America


From Evergreen,

Rollasole is a new invention where you can buy foldable shoes from a vending machine.  It was featured on NBC News this week and is opening up in clubs in Los Angeles and New York. The inventor has experienced 600% increase in sales in the last six months and was quoted in the BBC News sas saying, “He came up with the Rollasoles idea after being inspired by a stiletto-loving girlfriend who complained about her crippled feet every time they went out.”After getting tired of giving my girlfriend a piggyback home every Saturday night, I had a ‘eureka’ moment,” he said. “Within six months we were selling thousands of them.” Read whole story here.

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Larger plates lead to more eating. A new trend starts.

June 24, 2009 --

By Erika Weisensee

Over the years, our dinner plates have grown larger and larger. Unfortunately, so have our waistlines. The Small Plate Movement is aimed at helping American families lose weight and feel healthier by reducing the size of dinnerware. Can losing weight really be as simple as eating off of smaller plates? Well, it’s a start. According to scientific research, people take up to 25% more food when they use larger plates.

The Small Plate Movement is a combined effort of the academic, medical and government communities, as well as private industries. The coalition, whose work centers around a media and public awareness campaign, is currently promoting its “Small Plate Movement Challenge,” urging people to eat their largest meal of the day off a plate that is 10-inches or smaller.

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