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Time to fire Oregon’s chief bully – LeGarrette Blount

August 19, 2010

Time to fire Oregon’s chief bully – LeGarrette Blount
By D.D.
Portland writer,

This week my 13-year old confessed to me how scared she is walking down the halls of her school.   She said she lives in fear of making a mistake least the bullies notice.    It breaks my heart on how bullies have victimized entire grade levels of kids and have so ruined the childhood school experience.    That was yesterday and now today I read the front page of The Oregonian with the headline “Blount hits another player”.     The story is about former Oregon Duck player LeGarrette Blount getting upset and hitting fellow teammate while practicing for his new teams the Titans.   Another player?    Another  headline?    The video has been on TV and now You Tube.

LeGarrette Blount has become Oregon’s most famous bully.

He hits other people and even hits his own teammates he doesn’t like.  It all plays out on television complete with everyone coming to the defense of Blount.   At the much celebrated Civil War game last year Blount was cheered while announcers discussed his previous punches helping to communicate to my family that bullies can be celebrities.

Everyone says they care about bullying.  Why not start right here with Blount.   Stop cheering, stop defending this man.  We clearly see a pattern of violence that is only going to get worse.  I know he is not in Oregon anymore, but his ties will always be with us.  Remove him.  Bullies like LeGarrette Blount and the media attention are only empowering the next generation of unruly kids who are making life difficult for our young students.

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Jasmine Ai August 19, 2010

He needs counseling, like all bullies do.

Duck fan August 19, 2010

As a Duck fan and webfoot, I do not like Blount bringing continual bad news to our University that is shared by all Oregonians.

John Fairplay August 19, 2010

What a silly post. If you’re going to write about sports topics, you might consider learning something about sports first. How about, for starters, reprinting the quote from the Titans head coach on whether this was the first punch thrown by a player in practice this year. Are you advocating that Blount be held to a different standard then every other player in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc (if you need to know what those acronyms stand for, try Should every player who throws a punch in a practice in professional football be fired? Every player in college? Every player in high school? Every player in Pop Warner (look it up)? Every player in any sport at any level? That would certainly be one way of getting rid of sports entirely (and, not incidentally, saving the public schools a ton of bucks they could use on actual education).

Really horrible writing.

Jen @ The Short Years August 19, 2010

Amen! I completely agree with this post, D.D.

PirateLee August 20, 2010

We can debate all day long as to whether such an act in an extremely violent sport like football is understandable or not. Setting that aside, my take is it’s not a very intelligent move on Blount’s part — punching someone’s helmet with his bare fist! Ouch! I’m sure it inflicted more pain/damage to Blount hand than the other players helmented head?

EZ August 20, 2010

DD, I agree with what Fairplay had to say. NFL rookies are always pushed to and over the edge by their teammates. The Titans Coach said it was not the first nor will it be the last punch thrown in practice. Stop trying to dig up dirt and besmear a player who made a mistake a year ago. In fact, why not stick to covering the 6 yr old soccer matches where everybody is a winner and gets a treat in the end?

Bullying Help August 26, 2010

In the heat of play, things can get out of control. Okay. But this guy has a history of un-sportsman like conduct and has no self-control or class. He IS a bully and SHOULD be ridiculed.

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