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My Everyday Battle

April 30, 2012 --

Kattarin Kirk
Oregon writer

*** Courage Award Winner ($50) in Oregon Women’s Report Inspiration writing contest.  See last week for all of the six winners.

I have an eating disorder called anorexia. My battle started when I was fourteen in my freshman year of high school and continued in earnest for almost two years. At fifteen I developed hypoglycemia which means that my blood sugar drops too quickly and I have to eat more often to keep it at an appropriate level.

When I became hypoglycemic my family started paying more attention and made sure I eat. I’d like to say that ended my battle with anorexia but eating disorders are an addiction. Like any addiction it’s a life long struggle.

Because of the hypoglycemia I never had to admit, even to myself, that I had a problem. It wasn’t until I was nineteen and about to embark on my first overseas mission’s trip as a leader that I finally came to terms with the fact I never could’ve imagined how God used my struggle in miraculous ways.

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Unbelievable Photo: Crow rides piggyback on eagle

April 29, 2012 --

Surprising photo of crow grabbing a free ride from the local eagle bus service.
Full news story here

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Mom’s public punishment of daughter on Facebook

April 28, 2012 --

Here we have an interview of the mom who grounded her daughter and changed her Facebook profile announcing her punishment. Justice or extreme parenting? Watch the interview and decide.

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I fought the law & the law won

April 27, 2012 --

Karen Duvall
Bend author of Knights Curse  
View Karen’s blog

*** Winner of the “Wild Woman” Award ($25) in the Inspiration writing contest. View winners all this week at Oregon Women’s Report.

Flip the calendar back by about 30 years and you’ll arrive at a time in my life when I didn’t always make the best choices. I was young, newly married, and naive as hell. My new husband and I were taking a trip on his big bad motorcycle from Denver to Nevada for a weekend on his friend’s boat at Lake McConaughy. And he planned to do a bit of target practice with his handgun while we were there.

He thought it would be cool to strap a holster to his handlebars so he’d look like a badass with his pistol showing. We weren’t on the freeway long, hadn’t even made it out of the city, when a motorcycle cop pulled us over.

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Empty Nesters wake-up from 20-year nap

April 26, 2012 --

Shelley Urben
Beavercreek writer
Shelley’s Sagacious Slants

*** Bronze Prize Winner ($25) Inspiration writing contest. View winners all this week at Oregon Women’s Report.

Not too long ago my husband and I officially became empty nesters. Over the course of last summer numerous people told us how wonderful our lives would become once the day came – no kids at home, total freedom,… like living the high life. I don’t know, it’s only been a few months, but to me it feels like I just woke up from some kind of wonderful, scary, beautiful, magical, and sometimes frustrating dream.

Honestly, it feels like I took a nap twenty years ago and just opened my eyes and here my husband and I sit. During my nap I dreamt that we had two amazing daughters and we put our heart and souls into raising them and loving them and encouraging them. In the dream I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants a million times, I never could wipe the prideful smile off my face, there were a few instances where my heart felt like it might break into a trillion pieces and never get put back together, and I cried tears of joy and sometimes of anger and occasionally of sorrow.

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Meet my most amazing friend

April 25, 2012 --

By Nora Peacock,
Newberg freelance writer

*** Silver Prize Winner ($25) Inspiration writing contest. View winners all this week at Oregon Women’s Report.

Laughter and Lisa go hand-in-hand. For twenty-six years, this special friend has taught me about going for the zest in life, no matter the challenges I encounter. She carries within her a reservoir of humor, waiting for the next opportune moment to spring forth. No matter how hard her day, Lisa giggles with anticipation before telling me her latest joke. This special friend loves ribbing me about my last name Peacock. She often greets me in her distinctively shrill voice, “Hi, turkey!” reminding me my surname could be a lot worse.

Some of Lisa’s favorite pastimes include reading books, playing in a bell choir, attending church and going to camp retreats. She likes to shop ’til she drops with her paychecks from her job at a sheltered workshop. Jumping at the chance to eat out, she shoots the breeze with anybody who is game to listen. Lisa exemplifies Will Roger’s famous statement, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Remaining a stranger when in Lisa’s presence tests the limits of possibility.

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A Grandmother’s Legacy

April 24, 2012 --

Heidi Cox,

Author of Just Moms: Conveying justice in an unjust world.

*** Gold Prize Winner  Inspiration writing contest ($50 gift card). View winners all this week at Oregon Women’s Report.

I can still feel the warm rush of sunshine on my face as my body flew through the air on my grandparent’s tire swing. I can still hear my grandmother’s voice, warm and resplendent, reciting her favorite Robert Louis Stevenson poem as she pushed me:

“How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!”

Recently I was pushing my own son on our swing. As I watched his little body soar as mine once had, I recalled the words of the classic poem. But I couldn’t remember past the first stanza. So a few days later I visited my grandma at her retirement home. I asked her if she recalled the last two stanzas. “Well, I think so,” she smiled.

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Little girl’s win stirs our hearts

April 22, 2012 --

Seven year old Annie Clark who from Pennsylvania has won a national penmanship award without having hands — a true encouragement for all. Annie Clark comes from a family of many adopted children from China. Story here.

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Survey shows traditional marriage proposal mixed

April 21, 2012 --

This USA Today survey shows big spread between men and women over the issue of traditional marriage proposals.

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Relationship basics

April 20, 2012 --

Terri Patrick
Terri Patrick’s blog

A good relationship is unique to each individual but it always boils down to affection and appreciation.

Physical affection requires the actions of touch; hugs, caresses, kisses. Physical affection can only be shared when two or more are in the same space and time. As noted by medical and behavioral specialists, physical affection is a primary need for humans at birth and death, and as daily nourishment for the body and soul for every individual in life.

Verbal affection is the foundation of self esteem and is shared through compliments and concerns, and includes all those social phrases like; have a nice day, please & thank you, you look great, good job. Verbal affection can be shared through all manner of connection tools from phones, to social media, and greeting cards. However, there is more verbal affection in the words, “dinner is ready,” than in an essay of text. This is the challenge and appeal of electronic connections, even when it feels good, because it lacks the physical nourishment of touch.

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