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Video: Olympian finds hidden acrobat sister

June 30, 2012 --

What a story! One of America’s favorite Gold Medal gymnasts from the 1990’s has just authored a book about finding out she had an adoptive sister. Even more stunning, her sister is a acrobat without legs. Please watch this ABC news video below.

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History lessons come alive in Civil War Reenactment event

June 29, 2012 --

by Kelli Warner
Springfield, OR

The year was 1863.

Our nation was at war, for the first time, with itself.

Brothers were fighting brothers.

Can you picture it? Now, see it for yourself.

The Northwest Civil War Council is putting on its second public reenactment event of the season at Willamette Mission State Park in Keiser, outside of Salem.  This group has been around for 25 years, simulating battles complete with cannons and gunfire, all in an effort to teach kids and adults what life was really like during the Civil War.

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Taking control of your dreams while sleeping


By Caroline Miller
Write Away Blog
Portland author of Heart Land & Gothic Spring

The other day, I shared an article with a friend who is interested in lucid dreaming: the ability to take over our dreams and create adventures while we are asleep. According to recent research, people who manage lucid dreaming best are those who play video games. (“5 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams” by Jennie Bryner, “Yahoo News,” 4/28/12)

I’ve managed lucid dreams a few times even though I don’t play video games. The trick is to notice a detail in a dream that contradicts reality. The anomaly triggers an understanding that I’m in a lucid dream and free to soar above the clouds.

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A Stylist’s Guide to Summer Business Attire

June 28, 2012 --

As the temperature climbs and the outdoors is calling to us to come out and play, it gets harder and harder to drag ourselves to the office, much less dress professional enough to conduct business. But the impressions you give still play a tremendous role in your success, even when it’s summer! You may be tempted to dress casually, but you can still look fabulous and professional while trying to keep your cool.
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Husband Housework Boosts Love Life

June 27, 2012 --

More Housework for Husbands Leads to Sparks in the Bedroom
By Traci Scott

Husbands have long known they can boost their chances of having sex with their wives if they bring home roses and chocolates.  But according to recent studies, husbands are more likely to ensure a romantic evening if they pick up a mop and bucket instead. Research has shown that when husbands share in the housework, their wives tend to report more feelings of warmth and affection toward them, the husbands are more likely to report higher marital satisfaction and those couples have more frequent marital sex than other couples.

According to the book, “VoiceMale:  What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework and Commitment,” by Neil Chethik, men doing housework is a kind of aphrodisiac for women.  Wives were less likely to have affairs, couples were less likely to separate or divorce and couples were more likely to describe themselves as happily married if the husband did more chores.  And the happier a wife is with her husband’s housework participation, the more frequent sex she has with him.

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Why hospitality matters

June 26, 2012 --

Hospitality is not always pretty, easy, or comfortable. Today I’m sharing a true story from a woman who wrote to me a couple months ago. I thought it was impacting, encouraging, and a real-life story too good to not share.

As a product of a bitter, nasty divorce, I have had to learn many things on my own – especially anything concerning hospitality or making friends and family feel at home around a dinner table. I determined in my own heart that I wanted my family to experience more love, laughter, and a sense of belonging around the family table so I started watching a couple dear friends from church and how they made simple, flavorful meals for their family. Everyone would come together and share their day over good food. I knew I had to start there – making meals a time for my family to come together and stay connected on a daily basis as a family. It was an important part of who I am and who I became. I am a self taught chef. I had lived out on my own at 15 years old.

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Teaching kids self-control

June 25, 2012 --

Joy Dombrow
Living Loved

I remember a sweet boy named David. He was a student in my pre-kindergarten class at the private Christian preschool where I taught. At the tender age of four, David showed signs of behavioral struggle. Although kind hearted by nature, he had difficulty with impulse control. He pulled children off of slides simply because he wanted to go down first, not wanting to wait his turn. He climbed up on things that he shouldn’t, knocking his teeth out on his tumble down. He escalated in temper when things didn’t go his way, or ran away when called to obedience.


He was soon diagnosed with ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder, and the medication he was given had some undesirable side effects.

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Weekly Photo: World’s most pampered panda

June 23, 2012 --

Panda researchers help carry the giant panda, Tao Tao, to his new home in Wolong National Nature Reserve. I guess it helps him adapt to his new surroundings if he is surrounded by familiar faces.

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Homeowners launch war against 3-year old girl over sidewalk chalk

June 22, 2012 --

Homeowners launch war against 3-year old girl over sidewalk chalk
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

Oh my God! In Oregon we had Multnomah County trying to close down a girl’s lemonade aide stand for not having a permit. We have state laws against soda in our classrooms. We have schools banning dodgeball because they feel it hurts kids’ self-esteem. Now we have a homeowner association trying to ban a three year old girl from using sidewalk chalk. How can our kids have fun nowadays.

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Weird and wacky yard sale finds

June 20, 2012 --

harvey's hawaaian nectar gum
“Tis the Season of Rummage Sales, Estate Sales, and Yard Sales
by Jamie Brazil
Portland Writer

Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of weird, oddball, and unusual secondhand items.  From church basements to auctions and estates, the bounty of stuff has been never ending.  The highlights?

A trebuchet (2008).  The ten-foot high flinger of objects required two men and a truck to move.  My husband wasn’t even there when I eagerly agreed to take it– not that owner was selling it.  The trebuchet had been abandoned by her ex-husband when he fled the state.  It was totally free! 

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