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Five reasons for families to watch the Olympics together

July 31, 2012 --

by Joy Dombrow
Living Loved

In my parenting, I am a stickler about monitoring television.

My children are allowed one hour of screen time on non-school days. This includes video games, television, computer, and iphone activities. I have a myriad of good reasons for this, so I take this daily battle seriously.

However, for the next two weeks, I am loosening the reins. Better said, I am throwing the “rule” entirely out the window, thanks to the Olympics. I still believe too much television ruins creativity, jeopardizes self-control, hinders relationships, exposes children to sin, derails productivity, and limits life experiences, but the Olympics come around only once every four years and I actually believe that watching them with our children is beneficial.

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Balloons Over Bend creates magical sight

July 30, 2012 --

by Michal Ann McArthur

In the summer, I’ve often experienced a magical moment early in the morning when I’m out hiking up Pilot Butte, a cinder cone in northeast Bend. I look up to see huge, brightly colored hot air balloons sailing by, so close I can hear the snort of the propane gas firing into the balloons’ envelopes. Sometimes I can even make out the weave of the baskets and see the pilots and passengers inside. I wave; occasionally somebody will spot me and wave back.

“Balloons over Bend” is an annual event. I’ve lived in Bend for more than a decade but have never watched the balloons launch. This year, I decided to go for the gusto. Friday, July 20, my son and I arrived at Riverbend Park around 5:20 AM to see trailers transporting balloons still arriving.

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Video: Wedding party gets soaked

July 28, 2012 --

Here we have video of a wedding photo op on a lake dock that goes horribly and in a way humorously wrong. The dock gives in and the whole party lands int he water. Everyone was OK in the end and made for a memorable wedding moment for them and the nation. Please watch the video below.

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Bad Women Ads part 3: Tween waxing

July 27, 2012 --

Here is an ad for a special for waxing for girls 15 and under.  More here

There is a video to watch below.

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Go on dates with your kids

July 26, 2012 --

by Kari Patterson
The Sacred Mundane

I can still remember our first date.

Aristocats. It was my first movie in the theater. I was six-years-old.  I wore my favorite outfit and felt so fancy, so grown up walking into the theater, the cold air-conditioned air on my face, the smell of popcorn engulfing me as we walked in. I slipped my tiny hand into my dad’s large one, and felt like a princess that night.

I still do.

It’s amazing how much impact our opposite-sex parent has on our lives. Tsh quotes Dr. Meg Meeker as saying, “fathers have a power in a daughter’s life that mothers just don’t have. A girl’s first experience of love with her dad puts a template over her heart regarding what male love is all about.” Research is constantly showing us that the better a girl’s relationship is with her father the less promiscuous she tends to be.  I’m convinced that my dad’s faithful, tireless, amazing love, affection and attention during my young years kept me from a lot of grief in my high school years. (Not perfect here, just saying his love made me feel secure and confident.)

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Five things you should NEVER say to a new mom

July 25, 2012 --

by Lindsay McPhail

Earth Monkey Moms

Do you really remember the first days of having your first little monkey??? Mine are honestly a blur. I do remember cussing out my cousin in the middle of the night some time in the beginning because she told me that getting up during the night wasn’t hard at all and she could barely wait to see her little one ready to eat. It was all I could do to pry my very damaged… never to be the same again… hoo-hoo out of bed only to have to fumble with a nipple shield so I could make a mess and ruin perfectly good PJ’s and then end up a crying puddle with a hungry, crying baby and a husband who was probably thinking about making a run for it.  :):)

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How to dress for warm nights, cafe lights

July 24, 2012 --

by Lani Grass

Backstage with Lani


Ladies, whether it’s you and your man or you and the girls, this is the season where you can really enjoy a night “out” on the town literally. The warmer temperatures make for it easy for you to use your imagination and show off a little with confidence! Not to mention how good the warm night air feels when you’re walking around or enjoying a cool drink in an outdoor café…. 

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A pilot’s life, a pilot’s wife, a pilot’s widow

July 23, 2012 --

by Terri Patrick

Oregon Author

A pilot’s wife often has the opportunities for great photo shots whether from the ground or in the skies. Ed and I have been part of an Experimental Aircraft Association chapter the fifteen years we’ve been in Oregon.

One man, Gary, was the heart and soul of this chapter, a professional aviator, mechanic, and trainer. He served as president and vice president of the chapter and submitted monthly articles to the newsletter on his flying adventures, mostly with his wife Martha. An adorable couple, Martha’s adventures now are over as Gary was the passenger of a fatal crash the end of June.

One thing a pilot’s spouse has is a widow’s list. Pilots, especially experimental pilots, are living their passion. They choose the experimental and light sport craft because they are aware of every rivet and bolt on their airplanes. They prefer to be their own primary mechanic than to trust their life and passion to a paid worker who leaves empty coffee cups in the cockpit.

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Moms being honest with our mistakes

July 20, 2012 --

Moments for Mom
By Elisabeth K. Corcoran
Author of He Is Just That Into You

Several days in a row, I was complaining about my kids. Actually, more to the point, I was complaining about their mother. I started to notice a theme…how much I feel like I fail as a mother each day, all the time.

Here are just a few things that rolled off the tip of my pencil within minutes…
– They argue and annoy and mock each other. (A lot.)

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To be your best for others, take care of yourself

July 19, 2012 --

Chantelle K. Dockter, MA LPC
Associate of CCCOW

Question: I am a worn out, tired mother of three who also works outside of the home. I feel like I am constantly pouring into those around me and end up running on empty. I can’t change the responsibilities I have of being a mom, wife, and employee, so what can I do to feel better?

Answer: There is a lot in life that is beyond our control. So we need to look for the things that are within our control and put our energy into those things. Today’s woman is a busy one, often trying to juggle the responsibilities of work, marriage, and mommyhood. The problem is that we tend to completely neglect taking care of ourselves and end up burned out and spent. The result is that we not only feel horrible, we also are rendered much less effective to those around us that we are trying to help take care of.

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