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And the 2013 Color of the Year is…

February 28, 2013 --


by Julie Nolta
Julie Nolta Design

Every year Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, forecasts the next big color that’s going to influence design during the next year or more. This color is going to show up in home decor, fashion, beauty, advertising, etc. For 2013, get ready for… Emerald Green!

Do a quick search on Pinterest and already you’ll see emerald green jewelry, area rugs, skinny jeans, even wedding cakes! The color is clear with no brown or gray undertones, and looks great accented with other strong, deep colors like black and charcoal. And it’s very refreshing and energizing against white and bright yellow.

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10 daring reasons to live in a smaller home

February 27, 2013 --

by Shannon Ables
Eastern Oregon writer
The Simply Luxurious Life

Since the recession, McMansions quickly began to be less desirable to potential homeowners. In fact, as a result of the housing crisis, the average square footage of primary residences dropped to 2300 square feet, and while it has slowly crept back up about 100 square feet in the past year, many people are finding the luxury of living in smaller homes to be very attractive. Not only is it less expensive to own a smaller home or apartment, but it also provides many unforeseen opportunities to enrich our lives.

For nearly four years, I have had the itch to move back to Portland, or at least rent a studio in the city to escape to on weekends and during the summer months. And while I’m already a homeowner that takes care of a yard and more than 2600 square feet, I become giddy at just the thought of living in a small 500-600 square foot studio. Why? With less space to decorate and care for I could simply enjoy all that the city has to offer. If Powell’s bookstore was calling my name, I could easily arrange my schedule. If a stroll through the famed Japanese Gardens tugged at my need for tranquility, I could indulge without feeling guilty that something was being left unattended at home. And most importantly, if a friend wanted to drop in, I could quickly pick up the studio at the last minute and thoroughly enjoy their company. In other words, with fewer material items and space to tend to, more opportunities could be ushered in to improve the quality of my life rather than living a life quantitatively.

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Pet etiquette when throwing a party

February 26, 2013 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer
Medford blogger, author, entertainer

This is a first for me, to be writing about pets and entertaining on RE!

Yes, we have a dog, Haggis Barley McStitch, a Cairn Terrier who we are in love with. And because we have a dog, and we entertain a lot, we already know our little Haggis is no angel!

In the past, when guests would come, we’d corral Haggis out in Paul’s office (separate from our house). He’s not good with kids. He was, until one kid ruined that for him when he was a puppy (we know exactly what happened), and now it’s impossible for other kids to be able to love on him.

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Raising my little Oregonian

February 25, 2013 --

By Erika Weisensee
Oregon Writer

I am proud to be a native of our great state, and so is my husband. I spent my childhood in the very Northwest corner of Oregon in the small town of Clatskanie, where my mother’s family has been for five generations. That meant mostly rainy Fourth of Julys, windy walks along the Columbia, and trips to Astoria to buy fresh seafood. I am proud to be raising a little Oregon boy who is showing signs of being a true Oregonian. What does that mean?

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How to Wear Metallics!

February 22, 2013 --

How to Wear Metallics!
by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani

Every season, there are new offerings in fashion that are eye-catching, yet let’s face it, not wearable for most of us. But if you weren’t interested in style, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now! You’ve been seeing metallics creeping in for a while now, but this season, they are getting even brighter and more daring.

The question is how do you wear enough of it to look cool, but not crazy? By just using the trend in small doses.

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So…I peed your bed….

February 21, 2013 --

by Lindsay, Silver Nest Designs
Oregon Blog Earth Monkey Moms

OK… I admit this is an oldie… I wrote it a year ago. The funny thing is, with all of the change that has happened… none of the following has… soooo, I had to share the adventures of growing up McPhail once again!

As a mom of three crazy crack monkeys boys life is never dull. As I type I am watching my youngest ride his older brother’s bike commando and shoeless (that can’t be good on the “boys”)… I don’t know if it’s because they are boys or because they are MY boys that they are soo stinking crazy. If it can be spilled it will be, if it can be broken… IT IS!!! The other day I had reached my limit for outrageous destruction by about noon, I was exhausted and just plain nasty that day. I sat down with the boys to enjoy an episode of Super Why when the unthinkable happened. One eye at time I slowly started to fall asleep. I should have just gotten up right then, but I was seduced by the thought of possibly ridding myself of the cup of witch that had been dumped in my lap earlier that day. So, while my kids were in TV zombie mode, I gave in and fell into a zombie like slumber of my own. A few minutes later (well I actually am not sure how many minutes… enough time had passed for me to have a steady stream of drool flowing from the side of my mouth… ) Anyway, I woke up to glass crashing, apparently a porcelain candle stick had gotten in the way of boys’ real life angry birds game…. It got me thinking about how many times I have been woken up to disaster striking… and usually before 5 am.

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He wants you more than you think

February 20, 2013 --

by Elisha Joyce

Fully Mulched

Posted on February 12, 2013 by Elisha Joyce

If you are married, can I tell you something?

Your man wants you. He wants every inch of you. He wants to love on your body and hold your hand and nuzzle your neck and grab you close.

You know what else he wants? He wants you to want him!

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My Bloodhound Ate My Bra

February 19, 2013 --

Who, me?  I'm innocent.  Really.

by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Who, me? I’m innocent. Really.

My Bloodhound ate my bra.  Chewed a hole right through it.  Luckily, the hole is at the top of the right cup, and the bra is still wearable. (What was she thinking?  Nylon smells nothing like dog cookies!).  The point is, this used to be my BEST bra. It wasn’t my usual outlet-mall-discount-rack-$5.99 special.  I shelled out serious money to buy it: A super-converter bra, strapless, backless, cross-back.  All equally supportive thanks to its advanced architecture, underwire, and the little rubber skin grippers that may have been engineered by NASA and used on the Mars Rover.  This is a seriously great bra.  You wouldn’t even think hey, she’s wearing a bra in this picture.

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Amazing story behind my book cover


Welby O’Brien, Oregon writer
Love our vets blog

When we attempt a daunting task and huge undertaking, such as writing a book to help others, sometimes it is the miracles along the way that keep us going. One such miracle just happened!

The day after I signed on with the publisher for Love Our Vets: Restoring Hope for Veterans with PTSD, we were challenged with a 24 hour deadline to find and design the book cover. Yikes! This urgency sent us all into a flurry of viewing thousands of stock photos and images searching for just the right one. Nothing was right. I wanted the cover to exude hope, support, love and encouragement. Hard to depict in most military-theme graphics. I prayed and prayed, and then went to bed exhausted with no results.

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Turning 60: Great party, deep reflections

February 18, 2013 --

By Lin Willett
Gladstone, Oregon
That’s what adults do

I turned 60 this month.  There, I said it publicly. 
Not too many women seem to want to advertise this birthday but I have chosen to embrace mine.
My husband threw a great party,  Indian food with all the kids and grand kids, then a limo ride to karaoke with more of our friends and family than I have ever seen in one place at one time.

I will always remember pulling away from my house in a very LONG black vehicle and seeing out the back window FIVE cars full of family and friends creeping along behind, then arriving at a large room with a lot of flowers and just about everyone near and dear to me that could make it waiting my arrival. 

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