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25 easy ideas to spoil your man this month

February 4, 2013

by Brittanie Gordon
Oregon Blogger
Cupakes, Kisses-n-Crumbs

It’s not something I think about all day everyday but it being almost February and Valentines quickly approaching, I thought it would be a nice thing to do a little more for the Mr. He does so much for us, goes to work everyday even when he doesn’t feel like it, watches Downton Abbey with me, even if I know he isn’t realllllly paying attention he still pretends. He also always take the trash out and is there if I need him for silly things, like flat tires and spiders. I could make a huge list of the things he does that he doesn’t HAVE to do but does cause he is a good guy!  We don’t usually exchange gifts for Valentines and we don’t go out that day either. So I want to do something special.. lots of somethings. Many don’t cost a penny!
I’ve looked all over for ideas on little ways to spoil our Hubby’s. Here is a long list of ways we can show them they are appreciated, some will be obvious ones, that maybe you already do everyday, or often. Hopefully some of them will be a nice surprise though!

~Put the game on before he gets home (if they are into sports).. I’m sure mine would rather walk in to that, than cartoons or a cooking show

~Get up a little earlier than him and make his morning drink, and bring it to him

~Get his car washed for him/or wash it yourself

~Warm up his towel in the dryer while he is in the shower

~Make him breakfast if he usually takes something to go even if it means getting up early!

~Take the kids out so he can relax after work, even a little quiet time to unwind helps

~Leave a little note in his lunchbox, briefcase, toolbox.. wherever

~I saw this comment somewhere.. super sweet! “One simple thing I sometimes do is pre-toothpaste his toothbrush.  It saves him just like 4 seconds in his morning routine but when I do it I  always hear him say “awww” from the bathroom.  Haha.  It’s silly, but it’s something.”  SOOOO cute!

~Get the kids involved! Encourage/help them write Daddy a little note.. maybe their favorite thing about him

~Ask his opinion about something you normally wouldn’t

~Hug him just because!

~Make him his favorite meal, without fretting about cost/calories

~Don’t ask him to do anything today! No laundry, dishes, diaper duty

~Make him a pre dinner snack.. and somewhere to enjoy it solo, unwind from work. When I am on top of things, pepperoni, cheese and crackers are a fave here

~Do one of HIS chores today, even if you don’t like to do it

~Pick out his clothes for the day and lay them out

~Drop off a gift card to his fave bar/wing place at work with a note so he can eat without sharing in the mayhem of kids at dinnertime

~Take him out to lunch or bring a picnic to him for lunch

~Make ALL the plans for a date.. keeping his preferences in mind

~Do one of HIS favorite activities together, even if it’s not something you love

~Text him, just to say you were thinking of him

~Replace his socks with new ones.. Who doesn’t like new socks?!

~Let him know you appreciate him

~Back/Foot rubs seem to be a common suggestion

~Rent a movie that is something he would like.. and watch it with him without complaining

Those are just some examples.. maybe 21 days of it will become a new habit, a challenge to do more. Not every one of them has to be over the top, small meaningful gestures will be appreciated too!
And I think the more we are thinking of nice things we could do, the more we will appreciate all that they DO for us too!

The list HERE REALLY inspires me!

I have this pinboard with other sites for suggestions too.

What are your favorite things to do for the people you love?

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