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Lessons boy teaches mom about spilt milk

May 14, 2013
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There are some things about boys that are learned early on,

and then over the years they are deeply ingrained into your brain.
1) They are gross.

They are often seen picking things out of areas and then wiping said items on certain things other than a napkin or Kleenex.

They spit. Not just saliva. They spit food and drink as well.

2) They are messy.

See above “spit food and drink and saliva”

3) They are imaginative. 

They see things we don’t see. Their little creative minds ever in awe of something that we miss. Maybe we are too busy or maybe we are too worried about the mess they made before they discovered that “something cool”

My middle boy (by 60 seconds) likes to spew out his milk. For no apparent reason, other than it’s fun to have it dribble down his chin. But he doesn’t stop there…he likes to find things to spit it into. Like left-over plastic Easter eggs or Star Wars lunchboxes, or Spider-Man masks….because that is even cooler.

Tonight he spewed his milk all over the table, leaned back to admire his work and proudly announced.

“It’s a dinosaur!”
His twin leaned over and said, “A diamond!”


“No, a dinosaur!”

I had to laugh, it reminded me of this book that my Mom read to me when I was little:

Oh the imagination of a little one. Yes, they are messy and gross but they are also fascinating little things that soak up the beautiful messy moments and breathe it all in.

When I think of the messes in my life, the tough stuff, the stuff that requires a lot of stress or work I don’t automatically see the beauty in it. Usually it’s later that I can look back and say “Wow, I never would have imagined something good out of this” or “I can see now the beauty in what I just walked in”

I want to be more like my messy Camden, and see the beauty in the mess right away.

I don’t want to miss those moments. 

It requires being alert and aware and conscience of the moment. 

So, I challenge you, along with myself to see the beauty in the mess today…because there will be messes (especially if you have little boys)

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Michal Ann McArthur May 14, 2013

We enjoyed Shaw’s book when my children were young, too. Since life is full of messes, why not look for the fun and interesting that are there in the chaos as well? Good point.

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