“Born Rich” Documentary Film

Article Posted by: Gienie Assink, Springfield OR

I finally sat down to watch the movie “Born Rich,” a documentary regarding some of the richest children (young adults) America. I can’t help but think how ridiculous it was to see these over-privileged children, many of whom (not all) seem to be so out of touch with real life.

I’ve always considered myself curious as to how other people live, be it the Amish, celebrities, those in other countries or the filthy, stinking rich. Now that the movie is over, I can’t help but wonder who the target audience was for the film.


Watching a bunch of kids who have no problem admitting that they’re set for life, even referring, at one point, to the fact that losing this great inheritance would be on the level of losing a parent or sibling, made me feel disgusted.


Yes, there were a few who seemed to “get it” in the film, but there were more whose reality is so obviously different from mine or anyone else that I have ever met, that the mere thought of the overabundance, extravagance, superiority and possible cluelessness makes me feel dirty on the inside.  I need a shower!


Hello, rich children. I’d like the $2.50 I spent renting this film back please.


Speaking of things that cost two dollars…


My son Caleb walked over to my husband the other day and told him that he wanted to watch “Thomas in the magic wailwode” (Thomas and the Magic Railroad for those of you who do not speak fluent Toddler).


“How many dollars are you going to give me to turn it on?” My husband asked.


He sat there for a few moments, pondering his answer. “Two.”


“Okay, then. I’ll turn on Thomas and the Magic Railroad for two dollars.” 


At this point, Caleb ran across the living room frantically to the table, where I was eating a late dinner, shouting “Mo’oOOM, I neeeeeeed two dollars.”


Only 3-years-old but quite the manipulator, that one.







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