Schools out. Don’t let your kids off easy.

By Evergreen,


It is now mid-June and the school-free summer is now in full swing.  Sometimes the big summer family plans help to divert from the smaller plans such as getting your kids to do more housework and encouraging them to read more.   Now is the perfect time to assign a book-a-month reading list.  If you do not do it now, it won’t get done.  It is also the time to set a list of yard work and house chores in advance for the summer.   Take time out to write out a list of all the things your children can do to help with their extra time.  Here is a bonus tip: Make a long list and let them choose the summer chores they want.  That way they have a choice in the matter and you can hold them to their word.


Once again, this article was written specifically to remind you to do it now.   You can easily acquire dozens of unanticipated hours of youthful labor if you take advantage of early planning.

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