‘Sex and the City’ success comes with caution

By Evergeen,

The success of Sex in the City and it’s $56 million weekend opener is being hailed as one of the best selling “Chick-Flicks” (I hate that title) in history.  The success comes with both good and bad news for women audiences.  The good news is that it has awakened Hollywood to the fact that featuring films that appeal to the second half-of the human race can actually make a handsome profit.   Attention lavish Hollywood producers: you may want to direct your money to the Oregon Women’s Film Initiative for your next project.


The bad news is that Sex and the City comes with such stereotypes that it may open the door for the wrong type of films.   Consider the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding which went on to gross a quarter billion dollars nationwide.  Not bad for a $5 million budget.  The film broke records for an independent film.   Where have been the rush to produce those type of films?  Films that feature a wonderful leading woman and a theme we can all relate to?   Hopefully both producers and audiences will be willing to be more expansive int heir tastes for new films.


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