Woman of the Month: Shannon Worley for saving a life

Oregon Women’s Report would like to acknowledge Shannon Worley as the Oregonian Woman of the Month Honor for saving the life of a woman attempting suicide.

Shannon Worley was driving her daughter when they came across a stopped car on the Morrisson bridge.   As Sharron got out to see if she could help the stranger, the  woman ran to the bridge railing and began climbing over it.  Sharron handed her cell-phone to her daughter to call 911 and then ran to help.  The lady said she just wanted to die but Shannon held onto her coat to prevent her.   Shannon said the right thing when she spoke about how the water was very cold and that if she jumped she would follow her.   An officer passing by helped add a helping hand and pull the woman from the bridge ledge.

There were many cars that passed by, but Shannon seems the only one who stopped.  Later the Portland Police would award her the Life Saving Medal for her heroic actions.  Shannon was the only civilian to receive the medal this year as she shared it with nine police officers for their individual actions.
Shannon is a model for all Oregon women.  She stepped up when others didn’t.   She reached out to a stranger when it was needed the most.  She acted smart in a tough situation.  We help other young women follow her example.

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