Back to School

Its back to school, which means families will be spending money on school supplies and clothing for the new year.  Most places you can find a bargin for the supplies you need, but overall the cost can be high particularly if you have more than one student starting in the fall.

After shopping around, I have found that sometimes one store may not carry the best deal on everything one might need.  I like to do my shopping at Walmart, but realized that some other local stores have better prices on some name brand items like Crayola.

One stop shops may be convienant but do not necessarily provide the best price, and after the economy the way it has been looking, I’m going to try to find bargins anywhere I can. 

Bi-Mart was a great place to find name brand items for less than some of the bigger stores.  I was able to purchase a box of 24 count crayons for under a dollar.  At Walmart they were close to 2.00 a package.  They may be small savings upfront, but in the long run they make a big difference, and when you have mulitiple kids to shop for, any savings is great!

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