Beware of theater surprises

By Evergreen,

A few weeks ago I went to a local Portland play called 24 hours.  They called it 24 hours because 30 actors, screenwriters and directors were locked in the theatre 24 hours in advance of the doors opening.  The crew had to create from scratch four acts in the short time.  The result was very creative and but also over-the-top vulgar.   The first act was about the Olympics and every character seemed to swear and only had two punch lines, (1) sex and (2) being high.   The second act was about a young pot smoker who just found out he had MS and planned to commit suicide.   The story was interesting, but the fact that all three characters dropped the f-bomb every three minutes was a big let down.   I walked out during intermission.

We all want to celebrate Oregon’s cultural scene, but such crudeness makes it hard to take the family or go on a date.   I think we could expand the theatre community in Portland if they were able to attract a wider audience by showing a little more restraint.

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