Editorials…I Can’t Stay Away from Them!

Article Written By: Gerry Briggs, Eugene Oregon

I can’t help myself. We get up in the morning, my husband grabs the paper, I put the coffee on and while we wait for caffeine he reads the Register Guard. I use to read it. Well, That’s not quite true, I’m like an addict. I say that I don’t but I slide over to the abandoned print as soon as he leaves the room and stare at the “coiled snake.”

It’s the Editorials. I can’t stay away from the insanity and that’s when these thoughts start roaming around my consciousness and I end up clipping out the offensive articles, jotting down strings of rebuttals, and before you know it, I have another chapter written on my answers to liberal ideas.

So what is my current gripe? “Shotgun Weddings Are Back!” And guess who that is aimed at. Sarah Palin. Did you know that she is forcing her 17 year-old daughter to have a baby out-of-wedlock (as though you could force a teenager to do anything.)

For the record, here is the first para from Sara Mach’s editorial who lives in Florence, OR,

“ I am outraged to learn that shotgun weddings between two children who are not prepared for adult life still prevail as acceptable course of action for an unplanned pregnancy.”

Oh this makes me angry on so many levels and that is just the first para.

Point One: First of all, children? Bristol Palin was born in 1990 and will be 18 years old on October 18. Under the law, that is considered an adult in America with their own right to privacy. The boyfriend is 19 years-old. They may be “children” to their parents but they are adults to the rest of the world.

Point two: How does she know they are unprepared for adult life? Does she know them personally?  Plus, hasn’t the law of the land given them emancipation rights? (That is a legal way for minors to become adults before they reach the age of majority and leave their parents homes) Also, any person under 18 years-old who is having sex has already made an adult decision by indulging in sexual activity. I thought sex education classes in public schools cover that.

Two Points here: The writer refers to teenage pregnancy as “an unplanned pregnancy”.
I submit that anyone under 18 years-old is NOT thinking of an unplanned pregnancy but gratification. Referring to it as a unplanned pregnancy, belies the seriousness and lack of understanding of what teenagers are doing when they engage in sex. In most cases it is an unwanted pregnancy followed by an abortion. If the sex education classes were truly for the health and well-being of everyone, instead of a form of birth control, then they would be talking about the reality of abortion, adoption, abstinence and the financial stack Planned parenthood has in providing only one solution.

Last point: The rest of this lady’s editorial goes on to talk about “options without saddling a child couple blah, blah, blah. . . not to mention a lifelong guilt trip on the child to be born.” Excuse me? How about the lifelong guilt trip on Bristol for having an abortion. She had just seen her mother go through 9 months of pregnancy and the birth of a new brother. Once you have experienced that, it is no longer an issue of “reproductive rights.”

Summation: As most women know, this is an issue that should be left up to her, her husband and her doctor. When we lost control by making this a political issue, we lost our humanity.

There is a debate about whether Obama voted for or against a partial birth abortion bill which had to do with saving the life of a child if it was born alive after a botched abortion. There should be no debate. The answer is obvious…to millions of men and women. If we lose Roe v. Wade, because of voting for the child, then it is not worth saving. There are no reproductive rights if a breathing baby has none. Every politician should know that.

Sex education and planned parenthood (good or bad) were created to protect a child from an angry, abusive parent or partner. Bristol Palin comes from a loving family… one she felt she could go to and discuss this very adult decision and in return be enfolded with love and understanding and also guidence by her family. She did not need Planned Parenthood and for that she is being crucified!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with this picture America???

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