Mistakes parents make when choosing a college

Lisa Unsworth
Varsity Student Institute College Advisor

There are several reasons why families choose the wrong college, but many find out the hard way.   These families choose the wrong school and end up transferring which costs a lot of money!  For high school student-athletes who choose to play NCAA Division I sports, the transfer rate is now at an alarming 40%. That transfer could cost up to $20,000 or more depending on the schools involved.  On average, the typical student-athlete only competes in 1.5 seasons in the NCAA (male or female sports).  So, what are you doing to ensure that you and your student are searching for the right school?

The Varsity Student Institute can help with the search.  We have worked with families over the last eight years to do the research needed to best fit your academic and athletic needs.   We help the student-athlete form a relationship with a college coach, enough to ask relevant questions on a visit and really know if that is the program for him/her. We help these students market themselves the way that coaches will know who you are and communicate their needs and thoughts about your status in their program.

Other reasons people choose the wrong college are:

1. They pick the school purely for the sport that their student-athlete plays,

2. Families wait too long before visiting a school and don’t get to know the coach

3. Don’t understand the levels of NCAA competition.   Division I is not always “the best” and Division III is not always “lower level” competition.  Parents need to learn that recruiting process is a two-way street.  Parents need a plan to market a student to the schools they have targeted.

I have been an NCAA coach for 15 years and I know what student-athletes need to do to be noticed and how to communicate effectively with coaches and Admissions Departments.  I have seen too many mistakes, and now aim to help parents and students make more quality decisions on one of the most expensive choices they will ever make.

Our office is open to help you with further questions.   503-593-1173, or www.go-vsi.com

*All statistics are from the NCAA.

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