Seven Motivating Steps for Fitness

Here are seven ways you can maintain motivation for fitness. As Fall and winter approach, there are many ways to be fit,but how to get motivated you ask?

Use the following 7 steps consistently, and you will begin to see the benefits to staying active.

1. Be your own farmer. Cultivate a winning attitude by focusing on all the times in the past you have been successful. Turn off the inner voice that says “I can’t”.  It’s negative self talk that your sub conscious is hearing, thereby creating a negative habit. Look at those around you who have accomplished success. They have done so by the drive they have to succeed. It’s not luck. It’s diligence on their part. Go to the times you were successful, and recall what it felt like. Picture where you were, and hold that image in your mind. Remember how good it felt.

2. Substitute any unrealistic images with goals that are achievable. Quit looking at the ads on T.V. or in magazines. You know the ones. All those smiling, slim, bronze-bodied young individuals. Do yourself a favor; be realistic. Yes, you have to do the work. So use the aid of your imagination to create what is best for you.

Start with visualizing how you would look, after losing 10 pounds. How would you feel? How would your clothes feel? Begin to hear your friends commenting positively about your progress. Now how does that feel? Your mind, along with your sub conscious, is creating a focus on what you want. This is not fantasizing. This is visualizing a realistic goal. Keep running the Movie. With this inner drive to see yourself in this new way, you have guidance to lead you to your goals.

3. Discover the environment that suits you best. What is it you like? A co-ed gym? Something just for women,  or maybe a private studio with your own fitness trainer? If you head to a large open  co-ed gym with the music pounding away, thinking you’ll  ‘put up with’ all the noise, yet you know you’d like something quieter, chances are you won’t return. Looking for something like yoga, perhaps? Source out what is available.  Do your homework. Ask to take a tour of any facility. You’ll be shown around , and be able to get a feel for the place, before you lay out the money. Enjoy the surroundings, and you will stick to your goal effortlessly.

4. So what kind of work out is best for you? There are several camps for fitness. Ask yourself what is your goal here? Is your goal to tone and build muscle, or to lose weight?  Each require a certain focus on routine. What if you want to become stronger and trimmer. Go with a combined routine. Mix it up a bit, with running, cycling, or swimming. Targeted weight training is good, too. Bottom line is you have to feel comfortable doing the program. If it is uncomfortable, don’t do it. Look for something else that appeals to you. There are ton of options out there.

5. Grab a buddy. Why not consider a workout partner, if you know you need a push! It’s fun to combine two people’s energy, and look forward to the social part of getting your fitness in. Be sure to look for a buddy who has the same goals you do, and both of you will win.

6. Work your mind first, before you hit the gym ! You can start your mind’s workout before you hop out of your car. Begin by adding up all the positive reasons you are going. And how great you will feel following today’s workout. Remember how all the tension you have drains away while you work out. You like that!  Project in your mind’s eye the visualization of how the gym will look today, the people there, all the sounds, how you’ll feel during your workout, and  following it. The purpose is to get yourself in the mood.

7. Make a date with yourself ! Create a regular schedule and honor this as you would any other important appointment or commitment. If 60 minutes several times a week is unrealistic, then back the number down to 30 minutes. Don’t overlook something as simple as going for a walk. Got a dog? Great! Pat yourself on the back, and take the dog out!  Have fun and create a large workout / fitness calendar  somewhere in your home where you are apt to see it.

Honor yourself by marking off the days you plan to do your activity, then use a bright color to cross off completed activities! Each time you look at the calendar, you are reminded of all your successes.  Bring the family into the game. They can help you stay on track. After all, when you feel better, everyone around you will pick up on your new found energy and zest for life. That’s a good thing !

Feeling like the obligations that crop up are more important than working out? Well, as you work on your self image through fitness, you can’t help but release work related stress, and find a way to solve your problems. So don’t shelve the fitness.

Here’s an important fact to remember; any and all negative energy is consumed ( burnt up) while you are engaged in physical activity. Stress actually disappears. Science has proved that endorphins, called peptides, are released during activity. They react with the opiate receptors in the brain to make you feel better. If you tend to be a workaholic, use something time sensitive, like hitting the gym on the way home, a reason to leave work on time ! Grab your fitness buddy and go and burn up all the day’s stress!

If you do miss the occasional workout, it’s important not to beat yourself up. Be understanding with yourself, and show respect. It’s not the end of the world! Make the decision to get back on the horse, and have fun doing it. You’re worth it!

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