We can learn from the recent local bank scams

There have been two high profile ATM scams reported in the past 30 days.  The first were two men dressed up as security guards who told customers that the ATM was broke and that they were accepting deposits to submit the next morning.  The two men made off with dozens of checks and cash deposits before they were caught later in California.   Another scam involved putting a thin device into the ATM slot preventing the card from being read.   The criminal would approach puzzled customers who couldn’t figure out why their bank card was not working.  Acting as a good Samaritan the criminal would offer to try the customers card and in the process learn the customers card number and PIN number.

The lessons from these bank scams is not to trust anything unusual during off bank hours when the problems cannot be verified.  Often times the scammers would target trusting women and seniors.   Everyone’s trust needs to be more guarded when it comes to our money and strangers, even strangers that look like good natured volunteers or security gaurds.

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