Open Question: How do you find time when there is none?

Working Woman Panel.  How do you find time when there absolutely is none?

“Try to get organized..Not always easy.  Learn to say NO…  You cannot be all things to all people.
Try to be good to yourself.”

Auto Repair Shop Owner, Salem

“I plan ahead for unexpected finds with a bag of tricks on my front seat.  In a little bag on the front seat I carry a book I am reading, a magazine I want to get to, a notepad, snack or cereal bar, small makeup kit, and often a blanket.  This way I am prepared to enjoy those extra 10 minutes in carpool line or even a traffic jam.  Sometimes an unexpected 30 minutes between appointments might find me on a park bench or coffee shop just to indulge in a micro-getaway before moving forward to the next task.”
Independent Contractor, Beaverton

“There is always time!  We make choices everyday how we spend our time.  When I am overwhelmed (as a teacher that’s almost everyday) and I need a moment, I go to the teacher bathroom close the door, take a moment, and breath.  I take just a few minutes to breath and right myself.  I will take the long way home from work, I frequently do not answer my phone, I log off the computer, and just be.  I also make my social activities things I love to do.  I play sports that make me happy to just show up.  It’s not something I have to do, it’s something I love to do!”
Oregon Teacher

….Now what is your response?

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