Surprises Part II: Laughing at our selves

by Cathy Rae Smith

Still waxing on about the sculpture symposium experience, yes, there were the gatherings around a rousing campfire at night, preceded by the long, challenging, physical work on our stone sculptures, then followed by community meals… all the trappings of a good camp experience. However, the real standout moment of this experience came somewhat unexpectedly.

After an arduous day of work at the stones, a group of four females, the students in the group of about two dozen sculptors, made our way to the log cabin style dinner hall.  Of course, you pull down the facemask, shake off the dust and stop in the ladies room to wash up before going in for food. Perhaps a certain measure of mounting fatigue aids the comic reaction, but it has been a long while since I had laughed as hard or as long when we gazed in the broad mirror over the sinks.

April, Monica and Shaina discovered the amazing sculpting properties of stone dust build-up in the hair. Who would have thought one could encounter such fashion and style here in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest forest? We speculated the possible cottage industry of a miracle mineral hair product for the general marketplace.

Now, I am a gal who LOVES fashion, to be sure. However, there is a richness to diversity and with it comes the joy of unexpected pleasures, such as laughter and camaraderie, even if it comes shrouded beneath a thick cloud of marble dust.

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