In search of the ultimate Chick Flick?

Submitted by Kay Helbling

As a matter of course, I don’t like Chick Flicks. Give me a good old fashioned spy thriller any day. Actually, just watching the promos for those sappy, sleepy, shallow features can turn my stomach. Yet, if truth be told, and it will be here, I have to admit one of my favorite movies of all times would definitely fit that billing.

How do I establish my rating of “favorite”? For me, it is simple—the only ones that I’d actually watch more than one time. Three or four is unheard of for me, but… “The Rose” is the exception. It is beautiful and has everything a woman can relate to—the drive for a career, the need for a family, best friends, great music sung by one of the best, Bette Midler, and the opportunity for a good, old-fashioned sob fest.

Do you think you can beat that? It’s going to be a long, cold winter, with very little discretionary income lying around. I intend to do a lot of snuggling up to warm fires, hot chocolates, and good movies, but I’m running out of thrillers. Do you think you can do me one better than “The Rose”? Let me know, and I’ll give it a try.

Kay was an insurance adjuster and executive for 15 years, a small business owner and a teacher for 10. But, her most fulfilling work has been as a mother of her two boys. She is now looking forward to an empty nest this fall with her best friend—her husband.

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