It wasn’t my fault I blew my Christmas diet

By Evergreen,

I want everyone to know that I did try to follow Oregon Women’s Report fitness instructor, Olivia Rossi’s advice on diet strategies for the holidays.  I must announce that several extraordinary circumstances made it much more difficult for me this year.

The worst example came when someone dropped by a huge plate of Christmas cookies the day before the snowstorm.  I had no intention of eating any of them but rather leaving them around fro everyone else in the house.  After a few days trapped in the house with limited food the allure of those cookies broke down my will and I devoured the entire lot in 48 hours.  That started a ravenous chain of events within itself.

I did appreciate Rossi’s suggestion that one eat healthy before going a holiday Christmas party.   This year I happened to have two Christmas parties back-to-back.  No rice cake can properly defend myself against the double sugar assault that waited for me.

Would you believe that during all this horrific struggle my health club decided to close down the swimming pool for an entire week (annual cleaning).  After that week we had the snow which shut down the club altogether.    My healthy counter-attack was thwarted.   Even though the pool was closed I know I should have taken more walks, more stretching, more activity.  I was just unmotivated.  This is why I like swimming because if you do not get active in the pool – you drown (a very stark motivator).

Nothing beats getting active which is not dependent on any unusual circumstances (unless I become paralyzed).  Now I have a new New Year’s Resolution

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