Did You Say Karaoke? I Should Have Known!

Submitted by: Gienie Assink, Springfield Oregon

You know what I love BEST about Thursday nights??

You guessed it.. AH HAH… Karaoke at The Embers Bar and Grill off of Hwy 99 in Eugene.

Soo…I’m sure you have all gathered by now, I’m a little “loud” natured, and you could also probably guess the crowd I hang with rolls the same way. 

So what do loud people do in their spare time! We Karaoke of COURSE

Now, I’m SURE there are other places around Oregon that have Karaoke on Thursdays.. BUT in my humble opinion…The Embers is the best! Why.. you ask??

Well ONLY because they play BOTH kinds of music! County AND Western–and who can top that?

What I love most about this particular hang out, is the people.  They are a considerably older crowd, BUT they enjoy the music no matter what style, and they make a point to clap and cheer you on no matter what; creating a positive atmosphere, which in turn allows you and your friends to make wonderful memories.

Let me just paint the picture for you…

Ol’ man Doc, as big and burly as they come–with his sequine cowboy vest and hat, staggers up and sings Patsy Cline’s San Antonio Rose…. and then, right after, I go up… all bubbly and excited… naturally… to sing Rapture by Blondie!  It really does make for an exciting night 🙂

But like all Karaoke stars… you have to start somewhere.

Being a first timer can be intimidating.  I mean, lets face it.. Its hard to pick out a song to sing; especially if the song you choose sounds AMAzing in the shower, but turns out to be horrible with a mic….

Ya, you know what I’m talking about!

So, my advise.. if you’re into trying new things, is to go with a group of friends–not just to a karaoke bar–go to the oldest karaoke bar in town. 

Chances are the crowd will love your energy, they’ll feed off of it and the night will be wildly more fun than you could have ever imagined!

I love when people get up there and sing.  These people can’t hold a note to save their lives, but they do it anyway, because its fun and they love spending time together.

These incredible memories will last lifetimes to come, guaranteed! But don’t take my word for it!

Have fun and Good Luck on your adventure!

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