Great year for Women: Music, Movies, Olympics and Politics

By Guest Opinion,

The results just came in and the top selling musical artist of 2008 went to Taylor Swift a country/pop singer.  Swift is a talented musician and quality role model for young girls.  In 2008 Hollywood promoted the value of the often neglected women audience with the much talked about debut of Sex and the City.  The movie did not disappoint as it brought in $152 million in the box office .  This was just shy of the year’s top 10 films.   Less hyped was the musical Mama Mia which still brought in an amazing $143 million.

Also new gains were made with Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin as the closest any women have ever achieved to winning the presidency and vice presidency positions.    Michale Phelps may have stolen the spotlight, but Dara Torres was a single mom age 41 who broke Olympic records for being the oldest woman ever to compete.

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