Family Holiday

Submitted by: Gienie Assink, Springfield Oregon

Every March, we pick a day to celebrate our own family holiday.  This holiday (Assink Day as it has become known), we exchange home made cards, eat yummy food and enjoy some lively, friendly family competitions.  Our festivities liven up an other wise slow month and give us a chance to do what we do best: have fun together!

How we got started:

One soggy spring a few years ago, we were experiencing a little cabin fever.  To liven things up, we devised an entire day of fun and games.  For our inaugural event, we split into teams–the kids versus the parents– to complete a hilarious backyard obstacle course.  Later, we cracked open a pinata, then shared a delicious meal.  The first Assink day was so much fun…we’ve done it every year since.

Our competitions:

Are fiercer than ever! Inspired by the TV show Fear Factor (one of the kid’s favorites), we’ve added challenges over the years.  We may dig for jellybean “bugs” in a bucket of sticky oatmeal or bob for malted milk ball “cow eyes” from a chocolate pudding pie.  If the weather permits, we set up an obstacle course and stage our very own backyard Olympics.  At the end of the day, we tally the scores and crown one team the Assink Day Champs.  The winners get bragging rights for the whole year.

Our Menu:

The kids choose the food on Assink Day, so we’re likely to have doughnuts or French toast for breakfast.  We may go out for lunch, but dinner is always a homemade favorite…such as spaghetti and meatballs or chicken noodle casserole.

Our Cards:

We make them a day or two before from craft supplies we have on hand.  The cards express Happy Assink Day wishes and contain spirited boasts about who will win the games.

Fun Extras:

Last year a friend of ours took our kids and had personalized Assink Day shirts to wear on the big day.  We often surprise them with small presents, such as special candy treats or small new toys.

So this year.. why don’t you get out and make a new family tradition!

Spending time together makes wonderful memories, and helps bring one another closer together.

We just love this holiday in our family… and now even our friends and relatives wish us a Happy Assink Day.

The important thing is to have fun doing it!

Good luck!

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