What to look for in Spring Fashion

By Cathy Rae Smith,
CO-founder of Culture Magazine

Fashion designers are coming up with themes that bring us something different. Whether it is an urban storm trooper or a rebel rock ‘n’ roller or a corner office diva, there is an eye to bringing value to the consumer by giving them something they don’t have.

Look to the details. Is there an unusual fabric, a special detail, or a fit like it was made for you? Look for those timeless investment pieces, and then indulge in that accent piece that makes you just stop in your tracks.

Bottom line, though, is to go with what looks great on you. If you weren’t born with that style gene, the unerring eye for color and form, find a trusted source upon which you can rely for honest guidance.

Now if you are on a tight budget, here is an idea that can be oh-so-entertaining and easy on the pocketbook. Pull together your clothes that either don’t fit, you don’t wear, or have just lost their appeal for you. Select a group of friends that are approximately in a similar size range and have them do the same with their wardrobes. Then have a gathering where everyone brings the selected clothes – A Naked Ladies Party. You all try on one another’s clothes and choose whatever you like. Any items left unclaimed can then be donated to some worthy charity, such a shelter or the Oregon Community Warehouse or Goodwill. Everyone comes home with some exciting new items for their wardrobe, the spring-cleaning has begun, and needy people can receive clothes than would otherwise languish unnoticed in several closets.

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