Movie Review: Earth

By Linda Kopp,
Review from a Woman’s perspective

Earth is a movie that is adventurous for the whole family.  You will be overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery, majestic animals, along with the unique storyline that parallels with the animals daily steps in the desert and tropic forest.  The scenes are breathtaking and the photography is brilliant.  This film takes you away from the hustles of life in Western culture.  The narrator shares a storyline of a herd of elephants, specifically a mother and her calf, as they are separated from the herd, on their desperate search to find water.  The movie also portrays lifestyles of other animal species such as cranes, lions, whales, dolphins, and giraffe.  This film will bring the zoo and the world to you.
My Grade: A+
100 Critics score: 83%
Things to Like: Majestic waterfalls, sites of a far away land, and creatures great and small.
Things to Caution: Scary for small children, as there are animal attack scenes.

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