What Color are your Easter Eggs?

by Kay Helbling

Easter Sunday is just a few days away and I haven’t colored any Easter eggs yet. I guess I wasn’t inspired since both boys are off at college. This will be my first Easter that I won’t rise to the sound of pounding hooves as they head downstairs to grab some newly baked Easter bread. I won’t be able to watch them hunt down their favorite candies. And, I won’t get my morning hug.

Even so, I’ve decided my “empty nest” is not going to be without its Easter eggs. So, I grabbed some of Martha Stewart’s March/April magazines and got to work, looking for a new coloring technique. I’ve decided to color a batch Robin’s Egg blue and try my hand at texturing them with onion peels—wrapping the eggs with the skins of onions before dropping them into the dye.

Then, I gathered the rest of the items I’ll need for the boys’ Easter morning. This year, instead of baskets, they’ll have to settle for a mailing box. Instead of plastic grass, the eggs and their favorite chocolate rabbits will be buried among Styrofoam peanuts. This year, instead of praying with them, I’ll be sending their prayers in a card wishing them a wonderful, glorious, happy Easter morning.

What color are your eggs going to be?

Kay was an insurance adjuster and executive for 15 years, a small business owner and a teacher for 10. But, her most fulfilling work has been as a mother of her two boys. She is enjoying an empty nest with her best friend—her husband.

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