Your lifeStyle and how it relates to good Interior Design

Jan Springer, Director
Heritage School of Interior Design

Just as in fashion, we are no longer required to wear the latest color, hem line or clothing style du jour. Instead we are wearing what is comfortable, flattering and affordable. Home interiors have evolved from the dictates of the design industry to individual personal lifestyle. Of course we our influenced by tradition and the latest trends, but more importantly, by how we live. For most of life can get chaotic and our home should provide us with the chance to renew and refresh.

Home should be a haven that we look forward to at the end of the day. Style can be geographical, historical, cultural or personal. Developing your personal style requires being true to who you are and some exploration. First and foremost “form follows function”. Nothing can take form until you understand the function. Take inventory of the things in your home that you love. When you shop what are you instantly drawn to? Browse magazines for inspiration and note the recurring theme that is apparent. We no longer want rooms/spaces that look like they were moved from the showroom floor to our home.

Style is no longer a “matched set” but rather eclectic. In other words most of us prefer the mix of styles rather than pure style. Once you have identified the look you are most comfortable with you begin putting your room/space together. Style is at its best when it evolves over time.

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