Don’t be an Entertaining Wreck!

By Sandy Toes, Shell in Your Pocket.
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I have always enjoyed entertaining before I even had kids, but it has evolved and changed over the years. Looking back at my “entertaining” adventures, I have realized that it is not that my cooking tastes better, or that I set a pretty table.  But, my over all attitude towards guests in my home is done with more ease, and the expectations are not so “high.”  I remember when we would have guests over for a Saturday night dinner.  I would start preparing and cleaning on MONDAY!  Yes, I did clean everything including the “underwear” drawer….I had the table set by Thursday, and the water pitcher filled by Friday.

I was a wreck and so was everyone around me.

Through the years I have realized that those who “grace” our home are coming for fellowship with our family, NOT for a perfect house, perfect 4 course meal, and linens pressed.

Some of my best dinner get-togethers have been pizza and pop, or hamburgers on the grill.

I love to try new recipes, especially desserts and if it doesn’t taste right we can always pull out the package of Chip Ahoy cookies. Coming to the realization that having kids and a perfect house with candles “lit” is not always attainable. So I’ve tried to “relax” with entertaining, realizing I would rather have those that I love around me eating on a paper plate with salad made from bagged “lettuce,” than having no one around at all!

Some great nights of entertaining we have done are:

— Progressive Dinners

— Pizza and pop night (buy little pizza crust and have a “toppings” bar)

— Just Dessert night (invite them over a little later and enjoy a good dessert-hopefully chocolate)

— Italian Night (everyone bring their favorite italian dish…you supply the drinks, bread and salad)

— Sub and Chip Night (order a big sub, chips, pop and have sweet talk around the table or play a game together)

— Election Parties, Game Nights, Movie Parties

Having a family over and reconnecting with one another, even if you are using paper plates, makes life a little “sweeter!”

fondly…sandy toes

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