Special disicpline tactics for the disrespectful kids

By Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

Many parents feel frustrated when their kids roll their eyes, say “whatever,” and walk away. Now it’s time to consider solutions. Do you remember how Casey rolled his eyes upward and away when his mom confronted him with his kitchen mess? How Lydia demanded money for the mall and said “Whatever.” And do you recall how Zack walked away saying, “I know. I know, when his dad told him to turn down his rap music.

As the parent, you have discipline choices. Consider the ones below:

I’ll give you an important suggestion to use with all 3 misbehaviors. Then I’ll show how it applies to each one.

The Important Discipline Suggestion:

The time to prepare your kids for future discipline comes when things are going well. We all want children’s disrespect to stop. When they’re in a positive mood tell them,

“When you roll your eyes, say “whatever,” or walk away, I want you to know 3 things will happen.

* I won’t give you what you want.
* I’ll expect a sincere apology
* You’ll replay your behavior with respect.

No preaching. No lectures, just the facts.

Knowing what will happen might cut down on your child’s disrespect. When misbehavior does occur, you must follow through. Be calm. Be respectful and be in charge. So how does this work?

3 Discipline Solutions for Disrespect:

1. Next time Casey leaves the kitchen a mess and rolls his eyes when you call him back, he’ll need to clean his mess, apologize, and replay what happened without the eye rolling.
2. When Lydia demands money disrespectfully, she won’t get it. She’ll have to apologize sincerely, ask for money with respect, and do it before leaving the house.
3. After Zack says, “I know. I know,” and turns to walk away, tell him, “Stop, turn off your music, and apologize in a respectful way.”

If you’re consistent in requiring respect, you’ll get it. You won’t feel helpless. You won’t be angry. You’ll be building character with reasonable discipline.

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By Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

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