Discipline Problems When Kids Cuss

By Jean Tracy, NW Author
KidsDiscuss.com, Parent Newsletter

Discipline is tough when kids curse and call other children bad names. They get attention, power, and revenge all at the same time. When the rewards are so great, getting your kids to change isn’t easy. If an adult swears in your house, discipline can be even harder.

What would you do?

1. Your little angel, Ciera, cusses like a sailor. You just learned this at the recent school conference. The playground teacher reports Ciera cussing every day. You’re expected to do something. Will you put Tabasco sauce on her tongue or wash her mouth out with soap? Will you spank her? Or will you take some time and think of a logical consequence?

2. Darwin, your 10-year-old, is a genius at inventing bad names. On any summer day when the kids are outdoors playing, you hear his sarcastic taunts. “Diaper head, pig eye, idiot brain” thunder from his big mouth. Through the grapevine you’ve learned several parents forbid their children to play with your foul-mouthed son.

3. Your Farrah, which means “lovely,” needs a tongue bath. If her little sister steps one toe inside Farrah’s room, the house shakes with Farrah’s curses. If her little brother spills his milk, she bellows, “Look what you did, you stupid kid!” Your family feels trapped by her temper.

Take some time to think of some logical consequences for these kids. Remember your consequences must fit the crime. They must be kind. And they must be firm.

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