How to Create Love in Your Family

By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

Are you a parent who can’t show love? Perhaps you grew up in a straight-laced family without affection. Keep reading and find out how to loosen up, build character, and spread love to your family too.  “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” said Eva Burrows.  Don’t let love be your unspoken feelings from within. Express your love and uplift your family. Read the following to find out how.

5 Parenting Tips for Creating Character and Love in Your Family:

1. Use words of praise. Be specific. Be positive

“I like how you helped your little sister when she fell down.”
“Thank you for your phone call. I love talking with you.”
“Our walk under the stars reminded me how much I love you.”

Love is the oil that eases friction by focusing on the good. When you let your family know how they please you, you’ll be pleasing them in return.

Action step ~ Write out 3 loving messages to ease friction and sooth your family with love.

2. Deliver small acts of love to build character in your family

“Would you like a backrub?”
“I put a love note under your pillow.”
“Here’s a coupon for an at-home dinner of your choice.”

Loving acts are the cement that binds your family together. Acts of love speak loudly. Become the model your children and partner want to follow.

Action Step ~ List 3 acts of love that would be fun and easy to share.

3. Give loving presents to build your family with character:

“I picked a small bouquet of flowers for your bedroom.”
“Here’s a headband for your hair.”
“I’ll fix some strawberries and ice cream for our family game tonight.”

Love through little gifts communicates your feelings because they prove you thought about the other.

Action Step ~ Add 3 gifts to your list you’d like to share and don’t cost money.

4. Spend quality time with your family:

“Let’s go out for coffee.”
“Would you like to play cards?”
“Do you have time for a bike ride?”

Action Step ~ Write 3 ways to spend quality time with your family.

5. Touch, hug, and kiss your family

Always say “hello” and “good-bye” with a hand squeeze, a hug, or a kiss.
Include touch when encouraging or congratulating.
Walk hand in hand with your partner.

Action Step ~ List 3 small ways to build harmony with touch.

Conclusion for Creating Character and Love in Your Family:

See how easy it is to show love and build character in your family? Can you imagine the closeness? Can you imagine the fun? Use words of praise, loving acts, little presents, quality time, and gentle touches to express your love. Teach your children and spouse to express their love in these ways too.

Start Today ~ Make a promise to practice at least one of the 5 loving ways each day. If you do, you’ll brighten the world for yourself and for your family. You’ll be building character too.

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