Woman Whisperer book seeks your opinion. Yes you!

NW counselor to fathers turns to women to help create new book called Woman Whisperer.
Rick Johnson,

Here’s your chance.  I am starting my newest manuscript and would love to get your input.  If you would like to contribute your opinions for this book, please respond to [email protected]  Please know that by responding you are giving me permission to use your words and thoughts without renumeration or credit (I will however try to make sure you get a free copy of the book when it comes out).  Please feel free to forward this to your friends.  Below you will find the working title (also possibly called The Woman Whisperer) and a short description of the proposed book content.

The Art of Husbanding: How a Man Leads so His Wife Will Blossom

Men all across the country are confused as to what their wives need and want from a relationship.  With a 50% divorce rate in our country, marriages need all the help they can get.  Since men are generally more resistant to counseling than their wives, this book could significantly impact marriages by helping men to understand how a woman thinks, feels, and what her deepest needs are.  Because men are geared (wired) to provide for their families, men often feel that by working harder they are showing their wives they love them more.  But most women don’t leave their husbands because they fail to provide adequately, but because they fail to meet their emotional needs.  And women are statistically the significantly higher number spouse of those filing for divorce.  Many men today also suffer from not having had a role model while growing up of how a man loves a woman and what his role is as a husband.  Without that modeling young men are stuck as to how to meet the needs of a woman.  As a young man I would have willingly paid an older man to give me advice on that subject.  One of the greatest needs in the church today is men not knowing how to appropriately lead in the home.

While I would like any and all thoughts that you feel are important, here are a few questions you might consider:

1) What topics do you think are important  regarding this subject?
2) What do you wish your husband knew about you, and how you think and feel?
3) What do you need most from your husband?
4) What skills should a good husband have?
5) How can a husband best protect you from your weaknesses?
6) How can a husband lead without being dominating?
7) How can a man love in kindness and gentleness without being a wimp?
8) What are some ways to effectively communicate with a woman (speak her language)?
9) What is the biggest thing you wish your husband knew about your sexuality?
10) What can a man do to make a woman feel safe, secure, confident, and loved?

Please respond as soon as possible with your suggestions.  Thank you in advance!

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