A funny thing happened on the way to dementia

Sharon Lacey, Portland comedian

Moments from a Road Comic’s Life — Part 1: To fend off Alzheimer’s and also fulfill a lifelong dream, Sharon Lacey quit her 23 year career as a teacher and hit the road doing standup comedy. Sometimes the moments in between shows are the most memorable.

Another Alien Sighting Near Roswell??

Comedians usually aren’t provided hotel rooms on nights when there’s no show. With tight budgets, we sometimes end up sleeping in our cars. That’s what I had to do two nights ago, out in the desert of New Mexico.  It was about 80 miles from Roswell, near where an alien spaceship supposedly landed decades ago.

Around 2am, I had to use the restroom. Bad news: New Mexico rest stops have no bathrooms! Good news: New Mexico rest stops also have no lights! It was totally dark and no one was around, so I just took my pants off. But as I was standing there peeing, I started worrying:  “Hmmm…I saw a huge jackrabbit when I pulled in here. I bet there are coyotes, too…and snakes…and maybe wolves….and I wonder if the scent of urine attracts wild animals….. ”   I was getting pretty scared!

Suddenly, a whole new fear struck:  A semi-truck was about to pass by on the highway 200 yards away! “What if he sees me in his headlights??!”

This is where having a positive attitude and a good sense of humor comes in handy: I figure he probably saw my big white rear end, and just thought, “Well, wouldja look at that!  Another alien has landed!”

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