How to make kids do chores

By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

Do you discipline your kids when they fight their chores? Or do you tell yourself, “It’s easier to do it myself.” If so, what are you teaching? The more you do your child’s chores, the more your child will fight them. Let’s imagine the 3 children below are yours. See how you react to these parenting problems. How will you discipline?

1. Adriana focused on her TV cartoon with wide eyes and open mouth. You call out, “Set the table, Adriana!” She ignores you. Are you going to set it yourself? Or are you going to make Adriana do it? This happens every night. What will you do?

2. Justin snuck out without cleaning his room. When you saw him outside playing tag, you rushed to his room. You stared at the disaster and felt your heart pound. Angry thoughts swirled in your head. Will you clean it for him? Or will you do something else? If so, what will you do?

3. Alex hates to walk the dog, “Do I have to?” he whines. He drags his feet. He takes too much time. Your dog has an accident. Should you have walked him? How will you handle this situation?

These common problems happen in many homes. Please comment below with your suggestions.

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By Jean Tracy, NW Author, Parent Newsletter

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